Friday, April 02, 2010

Facebook Overload?

I use Facebook less than I did one year ago, but I am still active in updating my status and scrolling through status updates of my friends who regularly update them. I have 274 friends, so obviously I don't/can't keep up with everyone. If you update your FB often I see your name often. If not, "out of sight, out of mind". Sorry, this is the reality of having so many "friends" on FB, many of whom are acquaintances - people I have met or hung out with once or twice.

Some are friends from a different point in my life, and we don't really talk anymore, but we check in every once in a while. FB is good for that sort of thing.

I guess I have taken on way too many friends to keep up with. One "friend" thought this was the case and sent me a message on FB to cancel our friendship:

"This whole fb thing only makes sense to me if you actually stay in touch and keep up - and are genuinely interested in what the other is doing or to some extent value there opinion when comments are just made my point - none of these things were true with our fb friendship so I deleted you about 5 months ago and you just noticed! I've never been good with the occasional friend thing, I think that it is superficial and pretentious - besides the last thing I want to do is take up valuable fb space on your take care - Please dont send me an other."

Superficial? Pretentious? Well, I never! I wonder how many other people have canceled me for lack of interest. Ha! Please don't take it personal if I have not paid enough attention to you on FB as this is not my main avenue of communication...Srsly.


  1. That email reads like it was in response to an email you might have sent. If so can you post your email?

    I have a new mantra, "just because we are not friends on facebook doesn't mean we are not friends in real life." although sometimes it does. but lately the friends i want to keep on FB but are annoying, i just turn their status updates off. others who i don't want on FB i just delete without prejudice. sometimes it stings to be taken off a friends list. it's ok to ask why.

    and so you must keep up with my life because i update my fb way too much...;)

    and to answer a question you posted on my wall on i don't think i'll be making up there while Chris is there but if i'm near i'll ring you.

  2. @TJ are correct...
    here is the email I sent before he sent his:

    "hey! i thought we were already "friends" since you tagged me in a few photos a while back...i guess we weren't. what is up? Ernesto and I just got back into atlanta. we were in san diego for the last 6 weeks. its nice to be back for spring, my favorite time of year here. anything new and exciting with you?
    anyhoo, hope you are doing well!

    and for the record and i have taken people off my FB too, but with that message he sent , he seems bitter...??

  3. yep, his email reads a bit bitter especially compared to yours. i mean it doesn't hurt to ask, right? oh's just

    of course if you take me off your friends list then i won't ever talk to you again bitz. mmmk?

  4. Don't feel bad Cindy. I am surprised I haven't been fb canceled. I never have time to read all posts, especially those that post every 5 minutes. I am a much better friend off of fb and that I think is MORE important.-Michelle


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