Monday, April 19, 2010

Jewelry Bust Project

It all started with this post on DesignSponge.  That blog inspires me so.  Kate Pruit, an artist from CA wrote about several jewelry storage projects and this wood bust really grabbed my attention.  I am happy to say I finished this project with Neto's help of course!!  They are so damn cool I want to make more!
The directions are clearly written out here, but I will give you a quick abridged version.  You can print out the template, but Neto thought it would be more personal to use a "well known" silhouette. ha! We blew it up to 140% on a copier and traced it onto the board.  (a pre-treated pine shelf from IKEA. It is big enough to make 3)  We also bought a $4 piece of thin cork board at Home Depot and made two bigger busts with it. 
You can find an inexpensive jigsaw at home stores for under $30.  Instead of using the blades that come with, we bought smaller finer blades to make sure they could whip around the curves and tiny spaces.  It was incredibly smooth and took no time at all to cut 5 of them.

We lightly sanded the wood before adding a primer and finally two coats of semi gloss white paint. What do you think?

I was so excited with the finished products, I set up a table in the garage just to see what they all look like together! 


  1. viva cindy, this looks amazing! what an awesome way to display your pretty pretty jewels!

  2. Cool, Cindy! I am working with a friend on regular sewing sessions so am getting back to it.


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