Wednesday, April 27, 2011


What a wonderful weekend in Ohio!  It was great to see my family and hang out with everyone!  (we were missing Brrrian and Tim's clan:(

I helped my mom with all the traditional baking (breads, nut roll, and lepeny) and my sister and I were able to squeeze in some great thrifting.  Friday night was spent laughing it up at Bill's house till wee hours.  God, I feel so lucky to have a great family.  Can you guys move to GA, please?  The weather is so much better!
Bill and Barbie made me this "Little Puckwaa" shirt back when they found out I was pregnant, so I wore it on Saturday and got lots of laughs. (Puckwaa is a nickname Bill and I have had for each other for years...don't ask)
The most exciting part was seeing my little niece Cheekers.  I was amazed at how she is talking up a storm now.  What a cutie with her little Easter hat!
Yes...that was the most exciting part.......until.....eggs were passed out to the whole family by Cheekers.  They were all filled with candy, except the egg going to my parents!  That one was fill with a SONOGRAM!!!!

{Screams!  Cries of joy! }

Yep!  My brother Bill and Barbie are expecting too!! Yeah!  She is due just 5 weeks after me at the end of October!!!!   Way to steal my thunder Barb!  haha!  Just kidding.  Im so excited for them!

Back when they announced they were pregnant with Eleanor, I got mad at her for not telling me they were trying to have a baby.  10 years ago we made a pact that we were going to have babies at the same time and she waited until she was 3 months pregnant to tell me?? Hello?? Come on Barb!

Oh well, we laughed because I told them I was pregnant the DAY I peed on the stick!  So they had some time to catch me.  The next month they were pregnant too!  Perfect timing guys!!  Now Barbie and I are back on track!
We will have a great summer and give each other lots of support!  I predict that we are both having boys!!  We did a cute little photo shoot to show the difference 5 weeks can make during a pregnancy.

 OK, I may have been sticking my stomach out a bit is the real thing!
{Cindy-19 weeks, Barbie-13 weeks}
Exciting times ahead!!

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