Monday, October 18, 2010

Mad Men Yourself!

I can't believe this season of Mad Men went by so quickly. Sunday night was the season finale, and I don't want to spoil it for you, but Don, what have you done?!  Are we really going to have to wait till next year, July even, for season 5 to begin??  I think I may die in anticipation.

My friend Lucy found Mad Men Yourself on the AMC website where you can actually pick your traits/accessories and create a Mad Men avatar for yourself.  How fun!!  I did Ernesto first.
He does have a fedora hat like this one that he looks so hot in, the sport coat is also something he wears, but the skinny pants are not him.....yet!  (I did buy him a pair of skinny jeans that he promptly made me return)  Notice he has a donut in his hand and a "lady friend" on the couch. 

For my avatar, I picked the airplane setting (of course) and dressed myself like Betty Draper when they went to Italy.  Remember that episode?  Oh the beehive hair and gloves and jewelry.....
I also added the donut in my hand because when Ernesto does sneak the donuts by me at the grocery checkout, I end up eating one or two.  
I cannot stress enough that you must watch Mad Men.  I don't think any other show would convince me to share [or even make] these silly avatars.  You just want to be a part of it...somehow.

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