Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Sometimes all you need to get motivated is some new workout gear! I was planning to order these Asics running shoes on Amazon for the new year and to my surprise, when we came back from Ohio there was a gift certificate in the mail. Erin and Tavo sent us one for xmas. (that was so sweet and unexpected, thanks guys!)

I have been on a 4 MONTH hiatus from working out. This is the longest break I have taken in 20 years! Im so excited that my new running shoes [my motivation] arrived today in the mail!

My last workout was a big one, biking 200 miles through Mexico, but even that gruelling workout was not enough to keep me tight for 4 months! ha!
I actually weigh the same but I definitely don't feel the same. If you work out regularly, you know the high that working out brings, and the satisfaction you feel with your body. (well, come on, Im a woman, we are never totally satisfied) But still, this break was nice and now I have a renewed energy! I know how it feels to be in shape, and I don't ever want to forget! After 20 years I think it's ingrained in me. At least I hope it is! Ill let you know in a month or so. (If I forget in the future please remind me of this post)

I do have a goal of running 4 half-marathons in the next few years. (#5 on THE LIST) I think 2 will be good for this year, so my workouts are not going to be all Crossfit, I will be trying to get some serious miles logged.
**For once I would like to be well trained for a race.

disclaimer: this is not a New Year's resolution. #1 because I don't make them, #2 because I don't need to a "new year" to start a program. It just happened this way.
Working out is a way of life kids, come on....
"Who's comin' with me? Who's comin' with me?

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