Sunday, January 10, 2010


E and I went out to dinner last night. It was our first official date since we started the Christmas lights last October. E choose Flip Burger Boutique. (1587 Howell Mill Rd Atlanta 30318) He said I would love it, and he was right. Flip was created by Top Chef contestant Richard Blais.
The minute I stepped into the dimly lit dining room with a hum of chatter and lounge music playing, I liked the place. The hostess said it would be a 45 minute -hour wait, and there were no sighs from us. Alone time to talk, no tv, no computer, no friends- date nights have to be planned ladies! We walked though the crowded bar, which is open to all the dining tables and ordered a couple beers. I loved the modern design and admired the flat screens over the bar that were encased by ornate lacquered white picture frames. (E said he could build that for our tv!)
We were seated at a table/bar facing the open kitchen and my mouth watered as I skimmed the menu. The catch line is "fine dining between two buns" and it really was.
I am horrible at deciding when everything looks delicious, so E chose the burgers and I chose the sides.

The final cut:

steak tartare

venison burger

moroccan cauliflower salad

blue cheese wedge salad

nutella and burnt marshmallow milkshake

The final verdict:

Original! Delicious! Two thumbs up! Go check it out!

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