Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Listography -Live from Asheville

What we thought would be a short weekend in Asheville has now turned into a weeks vacation. Since E and I don't have any particular reason for returning to Atlanta, we have taken over the futon in Brrrian cute-ass apartment, and have been exploring this cool town.

This post is not to tell you about Asheville (that will be coming up soon) but to tell you about this cool site called listography that I learned about over on hulaseventy. It is a site just for listy-lists. Since I am always making lists, I was very excited when I saw a place to house all of them in an organized fashion.

Starting today, Wednesdays will be a day for a series of posts guessed it... listy lists!

My first one is called:

Each week I will post a different one (the site even has a "list generator" in case you aren't feeling inspired)

Feel free to add to my list about Brrrian in the comments below.

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