Monday, September 08, 2014

Weekly Wishes # 2

I must say, Although I didn't complete everything I wanted to last week, I think this new list thing really helped me get some shit done!!!

Let's take a look at how I did:

  1. Work out at least 4 days  How about 3?  I know, not what I said, but I had an active week all around, so Im not too upset.  I completed two grueling Crossfits  and took a run in 95 degree heat.   
  2. Finalize details of new blog design  Kinda! It is not 100% final (obvs - you are still looking at my old design) but I am close and it should be live next week! 
  3. Work on Zafiro website (if even for one hour!) FAILED!!!
  4. Publish at least one more blog post this week  I actually posted 3 more! 
  5. Find a delish recipe (and make!) shoshito peppers Yes! We made them twice!  I posted about how how we cooked these delicious little peppers here .
  6. Finish sewing teepee   DONE!!  It turned out so cute. I can't wait to show you later this week!
  7. Work in my garden  YES!!  I got rid of some dead annual flowers, deadheaded others and pulled some weeds. Still more to be done.  Is a gardeners work ever really done anyway? 
This Weeks Wishes
  1. Workout 4 days That's it.  Just do it!
  2. Work on Zafiro website Ok, it's happening this week. 
  3. Drop donations to Salvation Army. Guys, I have a lot of stuff piling up [in my extra bathroom] that needs to be donated.  I still have a few tubs of the boys clothes to go through, and then I will take this huge load and feel soooo much lighter.  I LOVE getting rid of stuff!  And guess what?  I also love getting new stuff! So there is that. 
  4. Post twice more on the blog!   Teepee tut and shishito peppers coming right up! 
  5. Organize laundry room.  Ernesto finished painting the new shelves he built in the laundry room today.  It is now my part to organize all those baskets I bought.  A place for everything and everything in its place! Yeah...totally not something I live by, but Im trying to get on board.
  6. Hang the curtains I sewed for the boys' room.   Why is this not done yet??  I have had the curtains finished for over a month??  UGH! 
  7. Make invitation for Mateo's garbage truck birthday party.  We were debating whether to have his 3rd bday party at our house or in San Diego. We've decided to do it here Saturday and fly out to SD Sunday!  A bi-coastal birthday if you will. Anyway, It is quickly approaching and people need to know about it!! 

Ok I think that is enough. The clothes sorting is going to eat a lot of my free time, which will be limited anyway because Ernesto will be working all week.. Boo-hoo, I know, but such is life.

Hope you have a great week and get shit done!!

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