Friday, September 12, 2014

DIY Toddler Teepee

My friend Lucy sent me this teepee project on Pinterest and said "Let's do it!"
Amazingly, we set a date a couple weeks ago and...guess what? We did it!  I wish I could have a partner for every project I want to get done.  I seem so much more productive with partners. 

I won't be showing step by step photos for this DIY because  The DIY Mommy did a wonderful job in laying out each step with pictures.

If you have been wanting a teepee and not wanting to pay Land of Nod prices,  I say give this DIY a try!  Even if you aren't the best seamstress, it can easily be completed in an afternoon.  Even if you are pregnant, you can do it.  Just take a look at Lucy!

You just have to sew about 20 straight lines and you are done!

 The teepee was was made out of a drop cloth from Home Depot ($20) and some cotton fabric that I had laying around. (free!)  Lucy chose her fabric from my stash too.  I was glad to see it put to use.

**one drop cloth is enough to make two teepees-thanks for buying Lucy! 

 FYI:  I was not able to find round poles/dowels 6' long, so I bought 3/4"square and had them cut 4 of them to 6' right in the store.  ($20)  Round would have been easier to slip through the slots, but luckily my sewing was pretty straight, so I didn't have much trouble. 

I did do my own thing and add some fabric fringe at the top.  The origianl diy sewed on a circle of the coordinating fabric, which was very cute, but I think my embellishment is more teepee-like.  Right?
I cut fabric into long strips and tied them in knots across another strip of fabric that was long enough to wrap around the top. Easy.

Marcelo is modeling/playing here while Mateo was napping.  I thought I would use this teepee as a "house of presents" on his birthday morning.  Coming up in just 10 short days!  Wha what?  Mateo will be three?  Im going to have a 3 year old??  I don't want him to see it before then.  He is going to be so excited!  Priceless.

Have you guys tried and EASY DIY's lately?

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  1. That turned out so nice! What a great birthday surprise!


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