Friday, September 16, 2011

Vintage Chairs Off to the Upholsterer!

Well, it only took me 4 trips out to Fabric World to find a fabric suitable for my vintage chairs.  As soon as I did, Ernesto loaded them up in his truck [to clear some more space in our apartment for baby] and we dropped them at Fast and Great Upholstery.  I have not used them before, but I read a couple good reviews online and the the work I saw at the shop looked like good quality.

I have a set of two chairs and a few changes will be made.  The skirt will not be there, so the wood legs will be visible, and the arms are going to be made more square.  Also, I took two big feather cushions and they will add feathers over the foam seat.
I picked a nice gray background with black circles.
I wanted something classic that could stand the test of time.  Of course, my tastes change often, so hopefully I will not tire of these too quickly.  Changing out the pillows should do the trick.   I think the finished chairs will look very mid-century and paired with some modern, traditional and ethnic pieces,  I should be able to achieve the eclectic look Im after in my future living room.  We will see! They will be ready for pick up in a week!

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