Monday, September 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home with Mateo

Friday morning, September 23, Ernesto and I walked out of Atlanta Medical Center as padres.  Happy, elated padres.  My parents were in the waiting room when sweet Mateo was born and came to the hospital everyday during my 3 day/3 night recovery stay!

The doctors said that my wound [from the c-section] was healing well and that I should do some walking each day, but don't overdo it.  Friday was a beautiful day so Ernesto brought our stroller to the hospital and after being discharged, we walked home!
{leaving the hospital}
Maybe you think I am crazy for walking home 3 days after surgery, but after sitting in a hospital bed for that long, I was ready for the fresh air.  (plus I was on drugs!)

{a proud, protective papi walks far away from the street}
{Almost home!}

Ernesto took care of the introductions.  Titi, meet little Mateo. 
Here my sweetness tries out his new bassinet for size.
I was surprised at how much my belly deflated afterward, but it is still quite swollen from the surgery.
{belly shot - week 40}
It was so wonderful to come home.  Great to have my parents here too, what a huge help they have been! Thanks to everyone for all of the well wishes and comments on my beautiful Mateo!
I am breastfeeding him, but was dying for....Just. One. Sip. 

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