Sunday, May 31, 2009

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Melissa over at  The Inspired Room  writes a weekly series called Beautiful Life,  and I thought this post fits perfectly with her theme.
Yesterday when Smita asked me to go to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, I was so excited.  Yes, gardening excites me, especially since I have not been able to garden for about one year now.  Damn Costa Rica! Ha!
I had a year membership to the gardens a few years ago. Talk about a beautiful life.    30 acres  right in the middle of Midtown Atlanta with every type of plant you can imagine.  There are a bunch of specialty gardens:  tropical, dessert, orchids,  Japanese garden, the list goes on.   During the warmer months they even hold weekly cocktail hours.  There was a 9 month exhibition there in 2004 called Chihuly in the Garden, where 50 original blown glass sculptures by internationally renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly were on display.  The exhibit is no longer happening but there are still a couple installations of his work, like this beautiful blue one.
This was the perfect spot to play with my new camera.   I was happy that after my long absence from gardening I still remember so many plants.  My mom is a great teacher.
This is a new one for me. I fell in love, but forget the exact name.  I know it is in the allium family.  Onion something... Below is one of my favorite kinds of plants.  Stonecrop, which is in the sedum family.
I think I have much to learn, for example, it was so sunny and I think  the ISO on the camera needed to be adjusted so the colors would come out more vividly.  Like in this next pic.  (I like that it has some of the buildings in the background though so I thought I would share)This is the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory its a beautiful building which houses the tropical and dessert gardens.  
I felt so happy afterwards. Besides hanging out with my great friend,  I felt so inspired.  I really need to get a garden quickly.  

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  1. Put your ISO on a lower number during noon daylight..say 200 speed. When it's darker, you want to put your ISO on a higher number 800 - 1600. Why haven't you come up to AVL?


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