Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome to Atlanta & Happy Bday Smita

It is so weird to be back...mostly because we don't have a home.  Walking through Atlanta's Inman Park neighborhood was so beautiful, I was feeling so nostalgic.  
 It was almost like we never left (well, not quite).  I do think Atlanta is really a nice city though.  Maybe we will set up here again.  This house would be just fine.
Ok, seriously.  We did go look at a house in East Atlanta.  I saw it online a few weeks ago and I keep thinking about it.  
It is another fixer-upper.  Someone had already started renovating the inside, but the outside needs new siding and a roof (at the very least)  I cant believe I would even consider buying another fixer-upper...but this is a great neighborhood where we could stay in for a long time and it's low price for the area.  It has a big back yard, big front porch, 4 bedrooms/3 bath and the street is so cute.  Isn't it cute?   You can walk to East Atlanta Village!   See virtual tour here.   Its just a thought.  I can hear what you are thinking...and the answer is - yes, Ill need to get a job! Ha!
Its just that Im feeling so domestic lately.  I wanted to bake and it was Smita's Birthday so I had a perfect excuse.  I picked a lemon upside down cake recipe from Food & Wine Magazine and add fresh ginger.  It turned out just like the picture.
We met Smita and Jen at TAP, a "gastropub" right in Midtown. (14th & Peachtree)  The weather was perfect and although we were just going to stay for drinks before heading to a Cambodian restaurant (the bday girl's choice) we sat outside for hours and ended up eating right there.
This may have had something to do with it as well.
I gave Smita her gift from Ernesto and I, a beautiful Mola from Panama.  She has a lot of wall hangings from her travels, so I knew she would like this.
It felt nice to dress up, and I had nothing in my bag but CR clothes.  I borrowed this beautiful orange silk shirt from Smita and I want to steal it...shhhhhhhh!  Being amongst of the tall buildings in the middle of the city really was nice.  I really am a city girl...well, and a beach girl...and a mountain girl...  

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