Sunday, May 03, 2009

Zoo Ave

We had gone to the entrance of Zoo Ave in the past, but they wanted us to pay the "tourist price" of $18pp to enter. The deciding factor if I would pay the steep entrance fee to this bird park:
"do I get to touch any of the birds?" I asked

"no" she said

Then no. And we drove away.

But I reeeeeeeeeally wanted to get into that park. You know how I love birds, don't you? I don't have a driver's license in Costa Rica, so I needed to show something establishing residency or at least that i was in the process.
How about my Habitat work ID and the internet bill for our apartment? Yes, it worked. We were in for $9 each. (still not cheap by Tico standards, but half price from tourist)

As soon as we entered we were greeted by the most beautiful bird ever, el pavo real. Guys, I am mesmerized by the beauty of this bird. I took so many pictures of him. I just can't get over the colors of his feathers.
He is such a proud peacock, so graceful, never skiddish, even when kids were annoying him.
Look at me! I'm a peacock too!
I later found out that our steep entrance fee, not only helps with park maintenance , but it also helps to run a huge in-house reproduction center for Lapas (Scarlet Macaws), who are Costa Rican natives. I felt good about that! They are such beautiful birds, and I did seen them flying around wild when I was at the beach.
As a matter of fact, all of the birds in the park are either rescues being rehabilitated to live in the wild again, or are species close to extinction There are over 50 species of birds and other animals native to Costa Rica being born in the park, all with the goal re-populating their natural habitat. I found it very interesting. We saw a big-ass crocodile, coatis, tapirs (rhinoceroses family) and lots of monkeys. big monkeys, small monkeys and really silly monkeys...
good trip. good trip.

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  1. Those pics of you guys are perfect! You should add them to the margins of your new blog header!


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