Saturday, May 30, 2009

CrossFit in Atlanta

Ernesto and I just got back from doing a kick-ass CrossFit workout in a CrossFit Gym.  Our friends Tori and Marcus work out at CrossFit Decatur and although we have been doing the workouts for a while in Costa Rica, we have never been to an actual CrossFit  gym.  It was awesome!  In a warehouse style building, it was airy and open with all the garage doors open.
The "WOD" was called KELLY.   Run 400 meters, 30 jumps onto a 24" box, and 30 wall balls.  Ernesto took a couple pics of me.  Yes, he finished before me.You must throw the medicine ball up to the top line and catch it and squat till your ass hits the ball on the floor.  5 rounds for time. It hurt.  Bad.Ernesto finished at 29:14 and I finished at 41:06.  The best part of this gym is that you are working out with a group of people and their are 2 trainers cheering [read: pushing] you to finish fast. UGH!  
You pay for this "personal training" too.  $150 single/$250 per couple per month.  Steep yes, but your ass will be in shape in a few months.  Literally.  I would consider this splurge, once we "settle down."  It can be counted as entertainment money.  Here is Marcus (blue shirt) with us.  Thanks for inviting us dude, it was a great way to start off our saturday morning.The gym is right by our old house, so we had to do a drive by.  It made me a little teary eyed.  It looked so cute.I wanted to get out and look at MY garden.   We were shocked to see that they cut down the HUGE oak tree in front.  

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