Sunday, June 29, 2008


I was very lucky to get to the airport on time. I just happen to wake up at 1030am, which was the time I was supposed to be getting into a taxi....I jumped in the shower, grabbed my bag and was out the door in 15 minutes....with wet hair....and a pounding headache. I had a great time the night before at Van Gogh, but I paid for it the next day. I decided since my while family was going to be together in Ohio this weekend, I HAD TO GO!!! I get so jealous when everyone is having a great time without me.
Ernesto wanted to take Smita out to dinner as a thank you for him staying at her house. We went to Spice Market at the W Hotel in Midtown. Delicious, just like the last time. Las Venezolanas Lenia and Livini came to join us for a drink.
Saturday was pretty bad because we arrived at the airport for a 2pm flight and actually left at 9pm. UGH! The whole family was waiting for us when we got to the house at MIDNIGHT and we stayed up until 2am laughing! It was great hanging out! The next morning came quickly and after coffee and eggs, I was introduced to CROSS FIT! My oldest brother Tim is Ironman, fitness ass.....and he doesnt let a day go by without a workout of some kind.....hmmm, maybe THAT is why he has 0% body fat........ The whole week while the family was at Seneca Lake, Tim has been leading these Cross Fit workouts for my family (whoever wanted to participate) .....and all my siblings were talking about it....and how sore they were. I was excited to give it a try. When Tim recruited Brrrian to go outside and collect one big rock for each person...I started to get scared! There were 6 of us (plus the little boys) we got dressed, loaded up on water ....(check out Brrrrians outfit) Esta Loco!and headed to the park near my parents house. There was a family there playing at the kids playground...they must have thought "what the hell are they doing.....?" This workout was 2 different intervals 20 seconds of lunging and raising the rock over your head, 10 seconds rest and then 20 seconds of pull ups...check out that form!
The workout was only 10 minutes long, but you wouldnt believe how good it felt. Our heart rates were up and we were all sweating our asses off.
Later that day we went to my Uncle Bills for a cookout. All the usual things at an American picnic: Swimming pool & Tossicle game (in background), homemade wine drinkingFishing....yes, that is the ShaffNer with a real live fish! Cherry picking? Yes Barbie decided she was going to pick a few pounds of cherries to take home and make something! Those better not go to waste Barb!! We all posed on the porch, its been a long time since we have all been together in a photo. (Kelli and michelle are missing)Since we were all going to Cedar Point the next day. We packed up and the whole family stayed in Wooster at "the compound" (Jenny and Bills house are right beside each other) On the way from my parents house in Canton to Wooster we drove by the house that I grew up in on LOVERS LANE.....yes, that is really the name. Needless to say, the street sign never lasted. My house was straight ahead, two houses before the horse farm at the dead end. Corn fields and country roads, I was a country girl!! yee-hah! We always complained that we lived "so far away" from anything. (15 minutes to closest store) But really, it was so beautiful and I feel really lucky that I grew up there.
More to come from Cedar Point....if Jenny would just send me that GDF walmart pictures link...COME ON FRED!!!!

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