Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cedar Point

Although it was raining when we got up Monday for Cedar Point, it turned out to be the best day. I think everyone got scared of the weather, because the lines werent long AT ALL. The longest that we waited in line was one hour!! Of course when you have good company the time flies by, so no one minded the wait.....ok except Tyler:) On a couple of the roller coasters, there weren't any people in line, so we went on 2 or 3 times in a row. It was great! (Here: SchaffNer, Tyler, Barbie, Brrrian, me, and Jenny "wait" in line)Ok if you dont know the amusement park Cedar Point and you like a thrill, then you MUST go there. Its in Sandusky, Ohio right on Lake Erie. I have been going there since I was little. The roller coasters are my favorite and they have 5 million! I love that feeling of being scared as HELL, yet knowing everything is going to be OK. For example on the Power Tower....... Here SschaffNer, Brrrian, Schhhirner, and my Dad are waiting to go....see how their legs are dangling? You are just out in the open. Im even scared of heights, but I love going high anyway.This Ride shoots you either up or down 240 feet at 60 mph! (there are 4 towers-2 up, 2 down) It is such a thrill, (ie: scary as hell) I SCREAM at the top of my lungs everytime! Millennium Force is my favorite coaster. The first hill is 310ft and you go 93 mph! Its is awesome! I think Raptor is my second favorite. You go crazy fast and upside down 6 times while your legs are swinging out in the open! Whew! The Maverick was new in 2007, but we didn't get on it last year, because the wait was 3 HOURS! Monday we waited just one! It was worth it too! The thrill of this one was the twisting and turning. None of us knew anything about it, so when the first hill went more that straight down (95d angle) we were all screaming. It was so smooth too, so cool! Of course, If you were to ask what Bill thought of this ride, he would have a different opinion. Pobre sita Billy. He got sick! We convinced him to go on this ride, even though his stomach was feeling weird from the SkyHawk a crazy swing ride that is more than 125 feet in the air and goes 60 mph. Its scary as shit, you think you are going to fall out. Anywho, he thought with the hour wait he would be long enough for his stomach to settle. It is funny now, but I had tears in my eyes when I saw him waiting to get off the ride...he was holding it in, his cheeks were as big as a trumpet player. As soon as he got out, one of the workers handed him a bucket......and.....he used it. Poor Bill. There were tons of people in line waiting to go next ...watching him puke. As he left he raised his hands and yelled "this ride rocks" and people cheered! HA! it was kind of funny Bill........No, I dont have a picture! He was DONE with rides after that one, but luckily that was towards the end of the day.

We all took a break around 2pm for lunch in the pavilion, we packed a lot of good food for lunch and dinner, so we didnt have to eat CRAP....and expensive CRAP!!My mom is such a sport!! Just last week, she started having this pain in her knee, she went to the Dr. but needs to go back again to find out exactly what is wrong. (too much gardening we think) She didn't want to miss out on all the fun, so we got a wheelchair for her at the park....everyone helped out pushing her!! Im not sure why, but sometimes my brothers dont care that they look like white trash and they wear this "molester mustache" They think that it is funny. I think it is embarrassing. Last year Bill had one for Cedar Point, and Barbie, his wife, ran into an old high school friend. She debated even introducing Bill as her husband because of the ugly ass mustache. I wouldn't have! Notice Brrrian in the background also has it! HORRIBLE!!It was a late night, we didnt get home from the park until midnight, after talking for a while, I slept for a whole 4 hours. On Tuesday morning Paul's shuttle (and Bill) drove Tim and the boys, and me to Cleveland airport for an early flight ....this was not a good weekend for sleep. I was exhausted! I flew back to Atlanta and my flight back to San Jose was not until 7pm. I had a shitty day because I had to find a home for Rare. Smita had been watching her, but her cat Skeezer was hiding under the bed for a week, Rare just took over the house. I called the vet about getting the proper papers to bring her with me to Costa Rica, but there just wasn't enought time....and I didn't have a car! UGH! Ernesto found someone to take her who lives on a small farm (his co-workers' cousin), and she should be happy. Of course the deal is that I can come get her anytime I want! ..and I WANT! I cried a lot that day, its hard to say good-bye to a pet, such a cute, loving pet! Im coming back for you Rarrrrrrrrre! Just look at her!!!My little Mare Mare ....My little Ti Ti (yes Im weird, so what?)

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