Saturday, June 07, 2008

What to do this weekend???

What to do??  Go to a beach? Go hiking? Stay in San Jose?   Kate and I were debating what we should do until 1130pm Friday night.....after 5 different plans came and went, we planned on not having a plan this weekend!!  It was great, saturday morning we went to the farmers market that goes on every Saturday morning in Pavas.  I know this is going to be a weekly thing for Ernesto and me.  We bought a glass of fresh carrot-orange juice for 2 cents and then made our way down the strip, filling our bags with crazy cheap (and beautiful) produce.   Fresh herbs, pineapple, papaya, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, and big-ass mangos!! mmmmm Kate introduced me to this delicious vegetable called PejibayeThey are shaped like little chile peppers (see them hanging? this is how they grown on trees) they are really starchy almost like a sweet potato and they have a seed in the middle.  They roast them, split it in half and put a dollup of mayonaise on it. The guy gave me one to try...DEEEE-LISH!!  We bought some to take home.  We also bought 2 different bouquets of tropical flowers and lush greenery and it was $2.50......I vow to not go without fresh flowers all year!!  (at that price, why would you?) Kate also bought 5 different fresh herbs plants to put in some pots at her place.
We made plans with Diana from the office to go out that night.  I wanted salsa dancing OF COURSE! They wanted to check out a place they hadn't been before called Utopia.  When we got there they had a snobby red carpet line to get in AND they were playing Ricky Martin Techno.  Ahhhhh, No thanks! We had a couple beers at a bar next to it called Tequila Joes and ended up at Castros, a reliable Salsa and Reggaeton club that Diana and Kate know well.It was really fun and I got my salsa dancing...the only bad part was that Kates little purse was stolen with her cell phone, drivers license and credit card when she was dancing....she called at 4am to cancel it. Pobre cita..... I think that is a lesson for me...I will not take a bag from now on when I go out dancing.   Unfortunately, staying out til 4am meant that I slept until 11am.....and didn't feel that good even then, we went to a pool at the Hotel Irazu around the corner and I was just about to does off when it started to must have been about 1pm.  I told you, EVERYDAY like clockwork!!  It was perfect weather for us to take our laptops to a cafe though.  Im sure my readers were DYING to know what I did this weekend.  I don't want to disappoint!

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