Monday, June 02, 2008

CRY CRY CRY....Bye Neto y mare mare

Oh god the time is finally here....I kept saying all day Saturday and Sunday. My flight was at 7pm Sunday and we were trying to PACK a lot in that day (no pun intended) .... we took ernestos truck and my car full of stuff to the storage unit. I snuck in a pedicure, hugged my little mare mare... my little ti ti good-bye
and Neto drove me to the airport. I think I did pretty good fitting most of my life in 4 bags (plus my purse and computer bag) of course ernesto will be bringing some "house stuff" with him when he comes next month.I had to wait in line to check in, which I never do, becuase I always use the kiosk....somethin' different about this trip! Thats what it felt like.... instead of actually moving away.
I checked two of my bags in and I was off!Ernesto and I kissy kissed adios! It was all very strange. He then called me from home and I was waiting to board and we both got a little teary eyed/choked up. We have been apart for 2 weeks twice before...but one month? in a new country??? This will be hard!!
Bye bye everyone ....come and see me sometime!!!!

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