Thursday, June 05, 2008

Just Like That........

Im so adaptable, I sometimes amaze even myself!! I was a little anxious before leaving the ATL, but mostly for the things I needed to get done before moving. Its funny how things work out though....I really wanted to find an apartment before arriving, but I am so fortuante that I did not. I am staying temporarily with Kate. She is from Alaska, and moved to San Jose 3/12 years ago from Washington DC. The same day that I arrived, Eduardo moved into Kates place too. (a 3 bedroom condo) He is from Brasil and has been working for Habitat for Humanity (HFH from now on, ok?) doing an internship for 6 months, and has one month left here. I'm already feeling at home after one week. (although my clothes are scattered on the floor instead of the closet) I always make friends quickly and this is no exception. I love my new roomates! Kate and Eduardo speak Portuguese alot to eachother and then it's switched to Spanish and then English too!
My office is really nice and everyone has been so welcoming! Im really inspired by all the enthusiam here and after my first staff meeting with my department (communications) I am really excited to get involved and work with this team! More to come on that.......On my first day of work I was introduced to 5 million people. One of which is Norbert, another volunteer starting with me. We were speaking spanish and then I found out he also lives in ATLANTA!! We are sharing one desk and we'll be there for about a month until our cubes are ready.

Since it is the rainy season, it rains here at 1pm, pretty much like clockwork and in the evening it gets dark at about 6pm. The great thing is that the sun comes up before 5am and it is a beautiful sunny day.......until 1pm! This will be perfect for my workouts early in the morning!! (and the office has a shower, so ill need to figure something to work?)

Its nice to come home to roomates, especially being in a new environment. One night this week Eduardo made Kate and me the one and only Brasilian recipe that he knows called stroganoff. It was delicioso! My moms makes a great beef stroganoff too, but this was way different! Eduardo's was chicken with rice. We hung out and talked, it was a lot of fun! This seems like a vacation.
Kate also has a mare mare named Sheba. Shes not a big cuddler like Rare, but she is sweet and loves to be pet.....she also has a loud rarrrrrrre that is cute. Wednesday was Eduardo's birthday and there was a little party for him with some people from the office at Jazz Cafe. Before meeting, we picked up Eduardo's 2 French friends and then we went out for dinner at a Spanish restaruant for tapas. (and sangria, of course) It was so cool...2 americanas, 1 brasilian, and 2 Frenchies all speaking Spanish!! Somebody pinch me!!
ps. I also love this tipical meal called "casado" (married man's meal) There is a place just a short walk from the office and only costs $2.50 for lunch. I could eat this every day....and at this price, I just might. Chicken, rice, black beans, potatoes and salad. Yes, you're right, that is a lot of carbs....Ill have to start running again soon!!

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