Thursday, May 01, 2008

BLESSING TIRES...not so much!!!

I admit it. Im not that disciplined in taking care of my car. It is still nice, but it was so much nicer when I bought it 4 years ago. A few things have broken......a visor here, a cup holder there, the windshield has a small crack, and the top doesnt go down without a little manual help. I know, I know, I just need to take it somewhere and get it fixed right? Well that is the other piece. I hate to drop money into a car. My dad measures expenses by how many baseball tickets that would buy and I equate mine to....what else? vacations. For two years I have replaced tires probably 5 times. Mostly because there was a construction site next to our house for one year. I kept replacing them at Blessing Tires. I love the Nigerian owner, he is always so nice, and has loud african music playing that makes me want to go to the beach. Of course he sells me tires that are re-treded. Anywho, It really came time for me to just bite the bullet and buy a brand new set of tires. Ive always been a re-actor, never proactive.....Well we finally had a blowout-literally. Im so glad Ernesto was with me in the car. We had just dropped his parents off at the airport. (on their way to Buenos Aires) The car was really wobbling and shaking. No sooner did I say " I really dont want tonight to be about a flat tire" and we heard metal on the pavement. Luckily we didnt loose control and Nester had the spare on in no time. I was a bit nervous because there wasnt much of a shoulder on the highway and the cars were going fast as hell! The reason for this next shot is so that you can see the flat up close (not Nesters crack) oh yes, and something started to leak from the car too??
Anyway the night wasn't all about a flat tire. I actually had time to clean all the trash out of the car while Neto changed the tire, so it wasnt a total waste of time. We went on to have sushi at a new place in Old Fourth Ward called Zuma, which was delicious and Ernestos parents got business class for that 10 hour flight! I went to bed happy!

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  1. For your next oil change (every 15,000 miles), I have some used oil in a coffee can if you'd like. The car is not leaking. It's crying.


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