Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last Minute Preparation...

It finally arrived in my office on Friday! My new WHITE MacBook and a new BLUE (of course) Nano video ipod. My parents arrived at the airport at 230 from Key West and I kept waiting for my computer to be delievered....i was tracking it and knew it was coming "any minute"  (it was ironic because we were told we could leave early for the holiday weekend) I picked up my parents and we went to have a drink and I came back to work to pick it up at 5pm.

We were going to walk to Virginia Highlands for dinner, but it had been raining all day. We parked and decided to eat at Murphy's
It has been a long time since I ate there and Neto had never been. Everyone loved it, I had scallops, my mom and dad had fish and Net had a porkchop.....of course every dish was DE-LISH. Since we were there we had to stop at Paulos. The didnt have my Pistacio, so I tried the was so good, and BLUE!! On Friday we decided we were going to go to San Jose Saturday to look at a couple apartments.  I have been searching online, but needed to see two places in person.  My mom and Dad were up for the quick trip.  My dad says my mom is getting more and more like me (adventure wise) I guess it does sound crazy that we flew to Costa Rica and stayed for less then 24 hours??Unfortunately, it was raining THE WHOLE TIME WE WERE THERE!! I guess that is why is is so GREEN.  The "rainy season" runs from April to November....Oh my !!  The first place we saw was a cool "artist loft"  I liked that it had its own yard
and had a lot of character.... but....the corregated metal walls and the heated water in the shower only might get old.  Next we went to a another place I found on craigslist.  I loved it.  It is a one bedroom with an office (or jewelry studio?), huge kitchen
laundry room, screen porch and plenty of closet space. 
  We walked away thinking yes lets get it.  But then Ernesto was worried that it was to much of a suburb.  It is only 10 minutes to downtown.  It is so hard to pick an area to live in a new city.  We dont know it well enough or know enough people to ask.  We were debating and I didnt email the owner quick enough.  She rented it out starting in August.  SOOOOO, it may be for the best, we are going to rent it for the 1st two months and during that time we can really EXPLORE where we want to live.  The Bed and Breakfast that Ernesto found online was perfect, Out of Bounds is run by a young Canadian and Colombian couple in Escazu. The rooms are so simple but elegant and comfy. Outside there is a common area with tables and chairs overlooking the city lights.  We sat outside that night eating some snacks we picked up at the grocery store and played cards...OH HELL!!   The view was great from up so high.
When I start my new job June 2nd I will be staying with someone in the office until I can move into the apartment.  I can't believe it is less than one week away.  I did some packing and separated clothes im leaving in our storage unit.  I want to pack as much as I can this week so Neto wont be stuck with all the work,  since he's not coming until July.  Problem is, I have so much going on this week.  So little time......

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