Monday, May 19, 2008

Family Fun!

The weekend was jam-packed with family fun!! Jen and Brrrian drove down from Asheville. As soon as they arrived we went straight to Turner Field for the Braves game. Come on now, that is my 3rd baseball game of the season.....ENOUGH already!! It was fun though, and it was actually Jen's first major league game. It got really chilly that night, and I hate to be cold, but it was Fireworks Friday, so we stayed the whole game and ooohed and aaahed at the sparktacular show.
Saturday was my one and only jewelry show of the season. The Kirkwood SpringFling was a great little show. One day 10am-6pm-easy, perfect! Not to mention that it was 80 and sunny. Jen, Brrrian, Nester and Smita all hung out with me. My booth was right accross from the park, so they laid out a blanket and set up the game Tossticle to play in the grass. There was a nice breeze, here is Schhhirner holding up my earrings to avoid a disaster..... After the show we HAD TO stop at the infamous Paulo's for gelato. Probably my last...cry cry Saturday morning we all jumped on the air mattress to get the air has a small leak and was not best for our guests. Saturday night they stayed at Smita's....THE NERVE!!!! Sunday we were craving Indian so we went to Udipi for a buffet brunch, it was $9 and DEEEEEEE-LISH!! I love Indian food so much! Of course I always stuff myself, so when we set up out blanket at Piedmont Park I took a little snoozer while the others played Tosticle again.

I think I have convinced Brrrian and Schhhirner to move to Atlanta. We would have such a good time with them, we can have a compound here just like Bill and Jenny have in Wooster. They actually really like it here, but it is all about timing right? Everything is!! We made a very entative plan for one year from now. I honestly don't have one CLUE what my plan will be in one year. We dicussed life and other interesting topics over a light dinner outside at Park Tavern with the buildings of Midtown in the background. Brrrian and Schhhirner packed up our couch and were off on their "3 hour tour" a "3 hour tour".

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