Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Year....ashes to ashes

Sunday afternoon we were invited to Ernesto's boss' house for a "pre-new years party" It is always a guarenteed good party at Gene and Jeanettes! They have a beautiful house, great friends, good food and hot music. They requested that Ernesto make salsa. Ernesto made the roasted and I made the pico de gallo! We kept it medium hot so everyone could enjoy!! Ernesto and his boss Gene pose. .....and then the Patron......Oh God!One minute Im wide awake having a great time (here with Jeanette)
and then all of a sudden I got VERY TIRED.............
Because I was so TIRED from sunday night, actual new years eve was pretty low key for me. We met some friends at Loca Luna (a Brazilian place in Midtown) and I was DD, which was fine.
On New Years Day I had to make "pigs in the blanket" a special meal my mom makes every year to celebrate. It's funny because my family wasn't together but this dish was being made in 5 different houses. Mine, Bill's, Jenny's, Brrrians (he blogged it too) and our mom's of course.

It's really easy to make: Give it a try soon and start the new year out right!

1 lb. ground hamburger
1 lb. ground pork
3/4 cup rice
1 head of cabbage
1 bag sourkraut
Submerge head of cabbage in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. take out and let drain, but save water. In a glass boil mix meat, rice salt and pepper. Form into fist size rolls. Peel cabbage layer by layer and roll each meat ball into one piece of cabbage. Place rolls into large pot, add bag of sourkraut, pour saved water to top of rolls and cook cook on medium heat for one hour. One more "ritual" to start the new year........Smita and I did a "BOWL BURNING"
NO, not that...My hairdresser told me about this and I know i had to do it, Smita was ready too. We each wrote down some things that we wanted to leave in the past, forget about, get over and we BURNT THE SHIT OUT OF IT.....
YES, it felt sooooooooo good!!! A fresh start! That is the great thing about new years, it always seems like a new beginning. I don't really do resolutions....burning obstacles and moving forward in life?? That is something I can stick to!
Ernesto walked in the bedroom where we had been talking and BURNING for an hour
He shook his head laughing and said "you guys are weird!"
Just take our picture mi amor.

and a happy new year too


  1. I don't know what kind of swine you have running around where you're from, but those are not pigs in a blanket. PIBs are hot dogs wrapped in colby cheese and a croissant-like dough. I'm serious. Don't push me on this one. Seriously.

  2. Well, I was about to start making the dish, then I forgot I didn't have the recepie. Thanks to your blogging, I will have a stinky ass tomorrow for work! I love yee, happy New Year's 2009!!


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