Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cold in NYC

Since Ernesto had a couple lighting jobs this weekend, Smita and I decided to take a little trip. We considered the beach, but FL was only going to be 70 degrees....not that that doesn't sound good, but its not really bikini weather so we went the opposite direction. Sara, who I met through Smita, is so cool! She and I really hit it off right when we met. She picked us up at 9am from Newark airport....and she got a $200 speeding ticket... I think it's because we called her 2 seconds after we landed cuz she wasnt there yet!? Its our fault. Those demanding guests! Sara lives in Hoboken NJ. Very cool area, right accross the water from Manhatten. We stepped out her door (literally) and took the ferry, then the bus then the subway to queens!
PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILESSara had made plans with her aunt and uncle to have brunch in Queens (where they live) The area is called Jackson Heights and is like a "little India". Jackson Diner is famous for their Indian buffet, and now I know why... it was soooooo yummy. We couldn't stop eating. On the subway from Queens, I captured this pic of the 2 piggys so stuffed they fell asleep.

After a long day of walking and shopping we stopped at a cozy bar for a couple glasses of wine, then took the ferry back to Sara's. Here is the view from her apartment window.
I love NY!! We came home this afternoon by 2pm...easy, smooth trip!

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