Monday, January 14, 2008


WHY IN THE HELL DID WE EVER AGREE TO A JANUARY 15th CLOSING DAY? With Ernesto's lighting business, he is still busy taking lights down through the 2nd week of January. We should've at least said January 30. We are such good procrastinators, it was a week before and I finally started weeding out. I was starting to feel really overwhelmed and Ernesto.....wasn't. "What are you stressed about? It will be fine." Will this man ever be stressed?
Have you ever heard of craigslist? It has to be the coolest concept EVER. It is basically a FREE online message board. You just click on your city and you are able to barter/buy/sell/look for anything and everything...and unlike's free!!!! I have used it several times before, but with our move this week, I have STUFF STUFF STUFF to get rid of, and ......"one mans trash is another mans treasure" right?
Boy did it go quick too! My bedroom set, another dresser, a table, a desk, dehumidifier, wrought iron bakers rack.....I just don't want to take ANYTHING with me that I don't love. This is a process that is really needed too when moving from a 3bed/3bath home into a 1bed/1bath apartment. When I saw the two men taking apart my bedroom set and struggling to carry it out the door, I thought better you than me, what a hassel!! My mom did her best to convince me not to sell it..."that is a beautiful set"...yes, but it's not my style...."you have only had it a few years"...yes, but it's paid for..."you could use it in a spare bedroom"...yes, but we are moving to a 1 bedroom I sold it. Sorry Mom!
Even after selling all of that stuff on Craigslist, we had a lot of other little misc stuff to get rid of......soooooooooo, Smita and I had a yard sale.

We had stuff out in the yard at 8am and the early bird gets the worm.

The first customer, who came in a huge van bought my globe, my cast iron garden table and a wicker cafe table with chairs....all for $70. Yep! I was DEALIN'!! I wanted to clear out, not get rich! We spent the whole day out there, and ironically I met some of our neighbors that we hadnt ever met. I wish we had, they were so cool. We are only moving 6 miles away, so we still canmeet up. We exchanged numbers. One neighbor is a graphic designer and has some great ideas for Pluma Jewelry, so we are going to talk soon. At the end of the day we gave stuff away, because we were going to load in up for goodwill anyway. We ended up making over $600....and thats not counting the furniture I sold on craigslist....WOO-HOO!!

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