Sunday, December 30, 2007

merry xmas Rare mare....

The other day at Target, Nester bought Rarre this lion head for christmas
Smita bought Rarrre a present too.....her first litter box!!! We want to try it out. Can she move into an apartment with us in a couple weeks? She really is an outside kitty, although she loves lounging in the house for hours...sometimes she will be sitting by the door wanting to go out. NO! Mare mare, you stay here! We wont be able to let her out whenever she wants unless we get a leash....she would be easy to train im sure!
Smita filled the box with litter, and picked Rarrre up to "show her" It was so funny, no sooner did her paws touch the litter..she started digging in it...and BAM!! took a shit right there on the spot!! Well, there ya are....shes potty trained!! Next, we may train her to go IN the toilet.
Rarre, you are such a good kitty!! You little mare mare!Neto bought me this parrot for xmas. I have been wanting another parrot ever since Loquito died...pobre sito Loquito! Since we dont know where we will be living, it really isnt a good idea to get one now...right? Anyhoo, this one is funny, actually talks and you can record things too. Nester Brrrian and Bill put some funny things on says "hey blog ass"
When he senses movement or noise he will start talking, moves his wings. its pretty cool. Neto put him on the floor near Rarrres food hoping to start a fight, but Rarrre just rubbed against him scratching his head on his beak. aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww!
Sorry Neto, your attempt to scare my pet didnt work this time!!

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