Thursday, October 25, 2012

One Year Milestones!

I have a baby book that I bought before the little Mexi-can was born.  I swore I would write everything down and keep up with all that happened.

I know that sounds like a prelude to failure, but I haven't really failed.  Has the book been filled out?  No.  However, I did jot down a lot of dates with happenings, and most of those happenings have pictures/videos that coincide with them.   I thought, just for safety purposes,  I would publish this to vivacindy in case I lose that little list, or heaven forbid all my pictures.

(Can you imagine what a nightmare that would be?!  I actually just backed up everything the other day with my new 1.5TB hard drive purchased at B&H)

Mateo's First Year Milestones
Smiled- Nov 1 (6 weeks old)
Rolled over- (back to stomach) Nov 30
Laugh- Dec 15 (3 months)
Plane ride (to Canton) - Dec 21 (3 months)
Scooting - Feb 17 (5months)
Rocking on hands and knees - 5 months
Solid food-rice cereal & sweet potato - March 21 (6 months)
Stopped swaddling - March 25 (6 months!)
Said "da" - March 31 (6 months)
Self sooth to sleep [without crying] - April 1 (7 Months)
Crawling - April 13 (7 months)
Sitting up - April 25 (7 months)
2 bottom teeth- 7 months
Climbed stairs - June (9 months)
Clapping- June 19 (9 months)
Waving- 9 months
2 top teeth - 9 months
Walking- 11 months
"Talking" on a cell phone - 12 months

Beside my 10 million pictures (organized on iphoto),  I have a ton of videos clips of my little mexi-can.  I have started a 'one year recap' video to combine them and it is going to be priceless....when I finish it. 

What about you guys?  Have you kept up with baby books, dates, pictures of your little ones?  What has been a good system for you?

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