Friday, October 05, 2012

I'm Going No-Poo: A 30 day Challenge

You probably know by now that I love a good challenge.
Something you may not know about me is that I have always wanted curly hair.
CRAZY curly hair.  I would wear it huge too.   No taming of the curls please.
I know, all you curly girls out there, I have heard you say it before.  It's a lot of work.
Living with straight hair all my life though, I would take the extra work for a built in style.  You have body, You have texture.  AND you can straighten your hair if you want too.

No.  Im not going to get a perm.  (if that was you were thinking) Been there done that.  I ruined my hair in high school with perms, a curling iron and hairspray.  A lot of hairspray.  Since then, I have got my hair highlighted/colored a handful of times, but have generally left my hair natural with minimal usage of product and blow-drying/ironing.  (This is partly due to my wanting healthy hair and part laziness)

A few weeks ago at the Atlanta Arts Festival, a lady came in our booth with the most gorgeous red curly hair.  I complimented her and she told me that I too may be able to get "naturally curly" hair.   

"Have you ever heard of No-poo?" she asked.  Ah, no.

She proceeded to tell us about someone she knows who had straight hair stopped using shampoo and ended up with curly hair!  That is really all I had to hear before I decided I would try it.

I thought of how my hair would does look after not washing it for a couple days.

I did some reading online and even though I was game to try not washing my hair at all, it turns out that you do "wash" your hair, just not with shampoo.  Get it? No-poo?

Baking soda mixed with water is the "wash" and apple cider vinegar with water is the rinse.
This method is extremely popular as of late and if you google "no-poo" you will find more than enough information.  I hate being last on the bandwagon, but here I am.

If you are intrigued too, Naturally Curly  is a perfect intro to no-poo.  Also, Melissa from Eco-Friendly wrote a great post listing the benefits of giving up the poo.

I think this flow chart from the crunchy wife though, may be the motivation you need to give the no-poo a try yourself.

The idea is this:
The chemicals in shampoo strip your hair of their natural oils, which then tells your head to produce more oil. Oh, is this why my hair gets so nasty if I don't wash it within 24 hours?  (thank god for tight pony tails and hats)

So even if my hair doesn't get curly, other no-poo-ers out there say I should at least expect:
  • more body/texture
  • less oily hair (after potentially gross transition phase when starting)
  • less frizz
  • softer, shinier hair
  • less $$ spent on hair (for me, only a $10 savings every couple months-but hey)
  • less negative impact on the environment
And while my initial interest in the no-poo experiment was to get curly hair, if all of the above happen, it will not be in vain.

How I'm going to No-Poo for my 30 day Challenge
I will "wash/rinse" my hair 3x per week with the following:
1 tsp baking soda to 1 cup water
1tbsp apple cider vinegar (ACV) to 1 cup water
I will brush my hair daily with a boars hair/natural bristle brush to distribute my natural oils from roots to ends. 

*I will not put any products on my hair, nor will I use a blow dryer.  (neither of which I ever do anyway)

I will report back to you weekly on my progress, with pictures.

Week One 
Tomorrow will actually mark my first week of no-pooing and I have to say, baking soda is an amazing product.  I didn't wash my hair for several days (just water rinsed) and it was a greasy mess.  On the 4th day I used the baking soda/water mixture.  My hair felt light and clean and seems to have more texture at the roots.  I washed again with the soda on the 6th day and used the rinse too.  I have also been brushing my hair every day.  So far so good.
Now, I didn't take a before picture last week, but I can tell you that it would be identical to this.  I might mention that my hair is pretty healthy. This is my natural color.  It does get quite greasy if not washed daily, and if I don't brush it, I would have dread locks in a week.  Seriously.  As you can see, it is not pin straight, but not wavy either.  Im hoping that is going to change!

Anyone else out there tried no-pooing, thinking of trying, or want to try it with me??
Come on it will be fun and I would love to have another partner in crime.  Treffry and Ernesto are on board.

Here is to healthy, non oily [maybe even curly] hair! 

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  1. hmmmm, interesting! this might be fun for me to try too... i'll let you know how it goes!!


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