Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Eating Vegan Challenge [Reviewed]

I wanted to follow up with our little vegan challenge we completed last month.  We cut out meat, poultry, dairy, eggs etc for 17 days....and guess what?  It wasn't as bad as I thought.  Do I want to continue eating vegan?  Do I want to make this lifestyle change?  Hell to the NO.

But like I said, not bad at all.  I guess the bottom line is:
{Print via etsy seller drywell}
And so does Ernesto....obviously!
(Im thinking I need this print framed in our kitchen!)

We ended the challenge when our plane landed in San Diego at 10 pm.  One hour later we were at Ernesto's parents eating burritos de machaca  (shredded beef) and there was no looking back.  In fact, we couldn't have eaten a diet further from vegan.

We had both actually lost a few pounds eating vegan for two weeks, but gained them back while eating in San Diego.  No importa!

You may be wondering "What did they eat?"  Geez, I can't remember.  Wish I had written it down. 

Here are a few of things I do remember:

Tofu, mushroom & ginger soup (OMG, Ernesto made this one up and it was delicious!)
Indian Mung Beans  
Indian Eggplant 
Orange Dal (lentils)
Neto's Pinto Bean Soup
Boca Vegan Burgers (these are pretty tasty. we ate them a lot for lunches.  Black bean and veggie flavor)

Overall verdict:  It was not hard and it could be a quite healthy diet.  We had fun with this challenge, but I did miss my normal eating habits. Indian food without yogurt? No sir, I didn't like it.  I will say, it takes some creativity to replace the calcium and iron intake of a non-vegan diet.  Luckily there are so many websites sharing recipes and regular grocery stores carry a variety of vegan foods. 

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