Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Mexico Day Trip

Ernesto's parents have been raving about a restaurant in Rosarito (30 min south of the border) where the quail, lamb and deer are bieeeeeen rico!  It is called Tapanco.  We drove down to Mexico yesterday and made a day of it.  Here are the highlights via Instagram.
{Jesus on hwy 1}
{restaurante Tapanco}

{walking Puerto Nuevo}
{at the fruit stand}
{mango, cucumber, jicama with lime and chili}
{una chelada}
{I want this lazy susan}
{el Nido}
{happy boy}
{el perrito}
{la familia}
{one of many lobster restaurants}
{shopping Puerto Nuevo}
{wool felted animals}
{my new straw visor}
{Guayabera's for Mateo}


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