Monday, August 27, 2012

My Little Mexi-can

Querido Mateo,
You turned eleven months last week and hit a huge milestone!  I think we can now officially call you a WALKER!!  Oh my! You started standing up on your own in San Diego earlier this month and even took a few steps.  But now you are seriously on the move and keeping your mama and papi on our toes. 

Baby proofing? Ha!  Mateo proofing is more like it.  You are so fast, so smart and curious; your resourcefulness amazes us. There is no stopping you.  (although we are trying with baby gates and cabinet locks)  Still, even though you wear us out, we love watching your wobbly walk, and chasing you around.  You're a tough little guy too!  You bang your head on something almost every day and never full-on cry.   Your confidence grows.  I bet you will be running by your birthday!

You can zip up the stairs in a minute and you learned how to get down from our bed feet first.  You crawl up on the couch and you do pull ups on your bookshelf.

You are a babbling machine.  You want to talk so badly.  The consonants are just rolling out and this morning, in all the chatter, I heard you say "tititititi."  I'm sure you were talking about Titi because we were petting him then.  You really like Titi.   As a matter of fact, you are obsessed with him now.  You used to just smile when he walked by you, but you now go to him try to "pet" him (ie: pull his hair), and you follow him around.  Titi has surprised us with his patience and tolerance of being fallen on, stepped on and "pet" by you, as he has not been as nice to other kids.

Besides all the "talking," you have learned how to use your lungs to their fullest potential.  Can you say SCREAMER?!  Wow, it's such a loud, high pitch scream too.  We don't like it, but we love you amorcito.  We are ignoring it and hoping it stops.  Very soon.

Oh! By the way,  did I mention that you are getting more handsome by the day?  (As depicted in the above pictures)  It's unreal.  How can you be so darn cute?

Your hair got lighter in the California sun.  Your papi and I want to let it grow and see what style it takes on. You have beautiful olive skin too.  After all, you are a little Mexi-can!   Your lashes are still long as ever and always getting you so much attention.  Some of your chunkiness is melting away too. (must be all that exercise you are getting!)

Three of your top teeth cut through, which may explain all the extra nursing time while we were in San Diego.  Now that we are home and back to sleeping "normal hours," we are trying mama's  3-a-day's with leche.  You are not a big fan of this new schedule, and what can I say?  You are a boob-man for sure!  Don't worry my sweet bebe,  Im not going to cut you off, I was thinking we could try for the cover of Newsweek.  Ha!  (That is what I have been telling people when they ask me how long I will continue breastfeeding you)

In just a few weeks you will be The Big Uno!!!!  We are going to have a Mexi-can fiesta and your grandma & grandpa's house. 

Te queremos mucho, 
mama y papi

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  1. Hola mi Tia! I love this. What an adorable little baby you have. :)! Love yeeeeeeee!


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