Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eating Vegan: A Two Week Challenge

What the heck? We are going to give it a try.  A couple weeks ago Ernesto and I watched a documentary in which a study was done with three random volunteers asked to change their diet to vegan for 6 weeks. 

Hmm, could we do that?

We agreed on two weeks.  Why?  We are bored.  Yeah right!  With this little guy?
We just thought it would be a fun food challenge.  What are we going to eat?!  If you are like me and love a big fat juicy steak, it is pretty hard to fathom living a vegan life.   Not only are you eating vegetarian, but forget fish, poultry, eggs, animal milk, and a whole slue of other things.

The following is a definition from Vegan Peace:

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practical, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose.

...Unlike the word "vegetarian", the word "vegan" specifically implies moral concern for animals. Therefore the word vegan extends to more than just diet. For that reason, people who follow a vegan diet for reasons other than moral concern for animals are not considered vegan, but can be considered strict vegetarians. 

Ok, so Ernesto and I definitely aren't vegans.  We are missing the moral part.  But for the next couple weeks we will be eating like one or rather a "strict vegetarian."
{via vegan peace}
Well, we are on day two, and just finished a delicious pancake breakfast.  Last night we had durum whole wheat pasta with roasted tomatoes (from the garden) garlic, rosemary & basil over a bed of arugula.  I can do this.

Cheese.  I will miss cheese.  I imagine we will be eating a lot of Indian food, I never miss the meat in Indian dishes.  I did buy some tofu, so I'll be looking for something interesting to make with it.   If nothing else, the next couple weeks will be a good cleansing.

If you have any delicious vegan recipes to share, please leave the link in the comments!

Wish us luck! 

ps. Mateo will not be eating vegan.  He loves his morning yogurt.


  1. we particularly love this carrot ginger soup made with soft tofu:


    and these raw/vegan brownies if you have a (dark dark) chocolate craving:


  2. Check out serious eats. It's one of my favorite food websites and one of the writers did a vegan series.

  3. I usually rely on www.ohsheglows.com for new recipes and ideas ~ can't recommend her site enough. : ) Good luck...I found that the more I learned about the benefits of being vegetarian or vegan, the less I was interested in going back to eating animal products. Dr. Esselstyn has an amazing book (http://www.heartattackproof.com/) and The China Study is also a good read (if you're interested in learning more about the health benefits).

  4. Hi Cindy. Kudos on taking on this challenge! I took on a 30 day vegan challenge a year ago and have never looked back. The excitement and energy you have in the beginning is amazing. You can DEFINITELY do this! Look for vegan blogs, they'll become your new BFF's. Find substitutes for cravings and every day items (ie coffee creamer, butter, ice cream, cheese, etc.) Ethnic restaurants are great because of the spice and flavor when eating out. I blogged a lot about my experience and have many recipes posted so feel free to check them out. Best of luck to you!


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