Monday, January 09, 2012

Sweet Mateo

Mi querido Mateo,
I can hardly believe that in another week you will be 4 months old!   Time has flown by...
Beautiful moments that I'll always cherish.  
Hours of snuggling, just staring in awe at how perfect you are. Those eyelashes!  Beautiful lips! Soft skin! Sweet cheeks. So, so sweet. I love watching you drift off to sleep in my arms, I don't want to put you I don't.  (Needless to say I have been very unproductive and have developed a crink in my wrist) Spoiled? Aw, who cares?  That is what I am here for.  I haven't missed a thing. (albeit some housework)  The first smile, first giggle, first are doing more every day and I am so happy to be there watching...waiting to see what comes next. 

Your eyes are following me around the room now.  You recognize your padres voices and give us smiles on demand.  The best is in the morning when you wake up.  While looking into your bed we say "Buenos dias Mateo!" and you give us a huge smile. Every. Time.  You are letting out loud squeals in addition to the many coos.  A few weeks ago you discovered your hands and you are constantly eating them.   You love to wave your hands to jingle toys overhead.  I love watching you concentrate on moving your hands where you want them to go. You are surprised [and a bit scared] when you roll yourself over during tummy time, but when we start clapping you give us a big smile.  I have seen you sucking your thumb randomly...oh yes, the slobber has arrived.   

You are the best sleeperAs a matter of fact, last night you broke your record of 9 hours straight by sleeping from 7pm to 6am!  That is 11 hours!!  Did I mention that you are perfect?

You are a great eater too!  You just reached 12 pounds and are finally starting to get a little chunky.  I can't resist kissing you all the time.   I hope you know what my kisses mean and that you are loving all my attention. 
Your papi and I love you so much. 
We are so lucky that you are ours.

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