Friday, January 13, 2012

OH...and Happy 2012!

HAPPY 2012!!
I know I am a bit tardy with this post, but what can I say?  My hands have been full.  Literally... 
Full of a precious baby. 
Somehow Mateo makes everything else seem less important.  And although my one handed typing has gotten faster in the last 4 months, it is still too slow for a whole blog post.

But do not worry, my faithful Viva Cindy readers...I AM BACK!!!!  Yesterday marked the last day of xmas lights.  Ernesto finished all the take-down just in time.  Last night the temperature dropped below freezing here!   I enjoyed an omlet and coffee in bed and Mateo enjoyed a book with his papi.
Boy, is it nice to have him home!!
I have so many unfinished blog posts to share with you and now I will have some time to finish up.  I hope you are ready to be bombarded!

This weekend we will finally be starting some projects on the house ....the "to do" list goes on and on, but little by little we will turn this house into a gem! Number #1 on the list?   Painting these builder beige walls! (yes, I finally chose a gray paint)
For me, 2012 is all about productivity.  The onlt thing I produced in 2011 was a baby! No small feat of course, but it is now time to cut down on searching the internet for inspiration and DO SOMETHING!!

Are you making any changes for 2012??

ps.  In the top picture, Mateo models his cloth diapers, which still seem quite big.  I am a bit scared to switch over, but will take the plunge as soon as I run out of my disposable diaper stash. 

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