Monday, January 16, 2012

Gray Paint Color Finally Chosen!

Even though we have been in our home now for 4 months, we have not had a chance to do ANY decorating.  That means NOTHING. ZIP.  ZILCH.  I have been going through decorating ideas daily (and nightly).  The only thing I know for sure is what color will I paint the walls.  I went totally bold [turquoise] in our apartment for the last two years, and I loved it, but I am going for a different look in our house.  Yes, I will for sure use bold colors, just not on the walls.  I would like all of the artwork from our travels to pop out from subtle wall colors. 
The problem?  Which shade of gray?
I posted this picture way back in October as my inspiration.  I am still loving these grey walls with the thick white moldings.  
I wish I knew what this paint color was called and who makes it.  If you have ever looked at grey paint swatches then you know there are many different undertones: purple, blue, yellow, green.
Remember back in October when I painted a bunch samples on my wall?   Well, I have been staring at them for 3 months now, but one never jumped out as "the one."  So, yesterday I went to Home Depot and picked up Martha Stweart's Nimbus Cloud, which I read online is a "true gray."
After painting it on the wall, next to the 7 other samples, I knew I had found my color! Done and done!  It is the top left square.
The paint has been purchased and we will start painting tomorrow! So exciting!

Also painted the first 2 coats on my campaign dresser and it looks AWESOME!
Pictures of both painting projects coming soon!!!

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  1. Does anyone what color that is on the picture of the room above?


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