Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year!

After renting a cabin in the north Georgia mountains last year for New Year's, we decided that it should become a tradition.  Although we didn't get the same cabin, this one was pretty awesome too.  We added two more couples, bringing the total to 8+baby. 
The cabin had a stone walkway right into the river, the sound of rushing water filled the house.  Hot tub was on the middle deck and overlooking the water. 
We all brought food to cook.  Ernesto made a Mexican beef brisket for tacos, and a chorizo/potato/eggs breakfast. I, of course had to make my mom's tradition of "pigs in the blanket" (pork and sauerkraut) for a good luck new years day.  Michael is a chef and he brought southern good luck food.  Hands down, the best greens and black eyed peas I have ever had.
No doubt we will be having a great year after eating all that good luck food.   
Just my luck.  (maybe that's what it is Fred!?)
We ate, drank, sat in the hot tub, played games and watched movies in front of the fire.
And we laughed.  A lot.
Good times.
Hope you had a great new years too!

ps. I have so many "plans" for this year.  Just 10 more days and daddy dearest will be back at home with me and Mateo full time.  We are going to get started on making this house a home and I will be documenting everything with before and afters!  Stay tuned!

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