Monday, January 10, 2011

Will Work For Beads!

In preparation for my upcoming job at the Tucson Gem Show,  I worked at The American Bead & Jewelry Show this weekend in Roswell, GA.This show travels around and hits Atlanta a few times a year. Arif was at a show in Tampa, so I assisted Natalie [his store manager] at this smaller show so she could train me on the pricing system.   We were the only vendor there selling faceted gemstones [like I buy for Zafiro].  Of course this was the perfect situation in terms of sales potential.  We were very busy on Saturday.  So busy, in fact,  that we had a lot of merchandise stolen from our table.  Fortunately, we had a good day of sales, but this was still disappointing.

Im not sure if this will become a regular thing for me, but I must say it was quite fun.  Plus, now that I am "in the family" I am receiving the lowest pricing on my supplies.  I couldn't resist and did some shopping while I was there working.  I just told Arif that I would like to be paid for my time in gems!

 Here is what I picked for my weekend of work.  I tend to gravitate to the same blues and greens, and one of my favorite stones labradorite, so this time I decided to throw in a few new [to me] gems.
 top to bottom: labradorite, lapis, chrysophrase, pyrite, green garnet, tourmaline.
I have one more strand waiting for me at Arif's store.  It is s the bulk of my "payment" for working the show.  He only had one strand so they did not come to the show with us.  I had to borrow this pic from internet, but like mine, these gold rutilated quartz briolettes are AAA grade and absolutely gorgeous.  I can't wait to wrap them heavy in gold!!
I know Arif would like me to do more shows for him in the future.  We will see how Tucson goes in a couple weeks.  Maybe Ernesto will like doing the shows too [although my prediction is that he will get bored quickly].  It could be a good source of extra money for us without the commitment of full time jobs.  And you know that is what we are shooting for!!  Work less, live more!  Viva Cindy!

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