Monday, January 31, 2011

Tucson Gem Show Begins!

What a road trip!  Stopping only for gas, food and potty breaks, we made it to Tucson in just under 30 hours. Since there were three of us, we were able to take driving shifts and push through.  I have always known I am not a night person, and this solidified it.  I tried to take the wheel in the wee hours of the morning and only lasted 30 minutes before having to pull over.  Ernesto did a good job, but Arif logged the most hours driving  It was a rough night, (although I slept a good portion of it) but by the time morning rolled around we got a second wind.  With the sunny blue skies and pretty desert scenery we felt charged.
Why the rush? The gem show was starting on Sunday which gave us all day Saturday to set up.  Mucho trabajo.  The True Blue True Bead show is located at the Doubletree Hotel.  The show takes up a huge ball room and a temporary tent outside.  The tent is huge and looked liked this when we arrived.  Not much action.
 We have 7 tables and it took us quite a while to decide on the set up.  We set up wall grids on the back 2 tables and attached 5 million (or so) hooks to display the high end Indian gems.  This took a while.
After that we unloaded box after box after box.  I was amazed at the amount of inventory Arif packed in his truck. I don't even want to imagine the value of that truck I was driving.  As I unloaded I shopped.  It was inevitable.  He had just gone to Inida on a buying trip over the holidays and I had not seen many of the new gems he had.  OMG!  London Blue Topaz. You. Are. Mine.
In addition to these expensive beauties, I have picked out some pink and blue sapphires, kyanite and more rubies. Add this stash to what I have "earned" working with Arif the last month, and I am set in the way of gems for Zafiro Jewelry shows this year.  Now I just need to stock up on chain and a few extra special pieces.  It just so happens the vendor I bought my geodes from last time is at the same show.  Goddess out of Los Angeles, carries gold dipped gems and geodes that are so beautiful!  Also at the show with us is Green Girl Studios, out friends from Asheville. 

Ok back to the Only Beads booth.  It looks awesome. There is no way I could walk by all these gems without stopping!
The show goes  from 10a-6p for 8 days. When the show opened at 10 am Sunday morning we were ready to sell.  And sell we did!  Although I was so tired at the end of the day I enjoyed helping [mostly ladies] identify and sometimes give design ideas for the gems.   Ernesto snapped this picture when both Arif and I were busy with shoppers.  
Here is hopping the rest of the week is just as busy! Boy oh boy, it's going to be a long week.  Updates to follow!

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  1. Wow, that goddess site is phenomenal and look at you- you gainfully employed individual! Make Nester rub your feet!


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