Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mountain Cabin for New Years!

This year for New Years, we are renting this mountain cabin with our friends Lucy and Sean.  It is located on Ellijay Ga,  just 90 minutes north of Atlanta.
Last year we partied in NY and it was great fun dancing the night away at Amalia.  But after waiting in line 30 minutes several times to use the restroom and just as long to get a drink, I decided that this year I wanted "somethin' different."  Something more low key.  

This 3 bedroom cabin has a huge open kitchen, so we are planning on cooking delicious food for 3 days straight!  Think salsas, ceviche, steaks, pumpkin pancakes, chorizo and eggs, and my mom's traditional [Hungarian] pigs in the blanket meal on New Years day!!

Besides a great kitchen, the cabin has an outdoor hot tub, a pool table, and satellite TV.  Plus, we are in the mountains on the Coosawatee river!! There will be hiking, biking and supposedly great fishing!?

So much excitement on the horizon...starting with a trip to Ohio to celebrate Christmas with my family. I can't wait for a week of Arnold fun!!  I am taking Titi on his first plane ride too!  I hope it goes well.
More to come........

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