Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 Wrap Up by The Christmas Light Pros

We have finally wrapped up the lighting business for 2010.  (lights do need to be taken down in early January of course)  We had a great season; its getting better every year!  Im really proud of Ernesto, I have never met such a hard (non-complaining) working man in my life! (4 months of the year...haha)

Last night after dinner [at a great Vietnamese place] Ernesto and I drove around to see some of our Christmas light customers houses. I wanted to take pictures, because I am finally going to make a local [Atlanta] Facebook page for The Christmas light Pros, and want to have many pictures of our work. I showed you some houses here, and these are a few more:
These trees are some of my favorites.   This customer lives high on a hill and had us wrap 6 very tall trees at the bottom of the hill.  She suggested we add one of our signs by the trees and we ended up getting so many calls from it.   They are just beautiful!
At this Midtown office building [below], the guys wrapped 13 Bradford Pear trees in LED lights.  It looks awesome!  They are leaving the lights up until April.

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  1. TONAR = Totally Gnarly. Now all you need is some of that Midwestern snow. Anyway. Looks great. Guess how many lights I have up at my Oh well.


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