Friday, September 10, 2010

Fit Fridays and Week Update!

What an awesome week I've had!  Kate was in town and although she had to work all week, we had a lot of fun girl time too!  It was great catching up.  Oh and her interview about working/living in Haiti is coming to Viva Cindy soon- I know you will enjoy it!

This girl is a shopper!  Not many people can hang with me, but Kate actually took longer than me.  She had a long list of things she wanted to bring back to Haiti with her, and darn it, I had to accompany her!  Thursday and Friday we hit 2 TJMaxx's and a Marshals, totaling about 8 hours of shopping!  Since I had $$$ burning a hole in my pocket from my show last weekend, I treated myself to a few shirts and a great new pair of jeans.  If you haven't been to these stores lately...GO!  There are such great deals on clearance items right now.  Best buy:  a navy Tahari  trench coat on clearance for $35! The original Tahari tag read: $298! Wow!   I saw so many clothes that I would've have bought if only I had an office job.  Fashion is what I miss most about working.  Oh and the steady paycheck!  Oh well, I will be crazy busy with the Christmas lights soon so maybe next year!

Besides shopping this week we:
- called on businesses for Christmas Lights Pros
 - attended birthday cookout at my friend Lucy's
- Steph stayed over for one night (she was in town from Costa Rica) So great to have the girls together again!
- we restaurant hopped: ate tuna tartar at Serpas followed by arugula procciutto pizza at Fritti
- had dinner at One Midtown Kitchen. (try the lamb carpaccio and smoked trout!)
- homemade Indian dinner with Smita
- enjoyed salmon cakes that Ernesto made- so tasty!

Yes, it does seem that my whole week was about eating, but I did balance it with 4 workouts! Thank you very much!

Fit Fridays and Crossfit !!

Here is what the week entailed:
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest
Monday: Crossfit: thruster-5 reps, hang power cleans -7 reps, sumo deadlifts-10 reps. repeat for 20 min
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: Crossfit:10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of these three:  deadlifts, bench press, cleans (I almost cried!)
Thursday: run 5k
Friday: Crossfit: 50 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, run 5k

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