Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mini Road Trip

Yesterday we were able to squeeze in a mini road trip to Columbus to see my long-time friend Joanne.  She and I have been friends for about 11 years.  We both worked at Delta and became great travel buddies.  Jamaica, France, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, and many US stops, we have covered a lot of ground together.  Now its all about the baby.  Joanne and Rick had little Lucy on August 2, 7 days before Eleanor.  She is an absolute beauty!

Since we were in the area of our Alma Mater....The Ohio State University, we took a cruise around campus and it was awesome.  It really brought back memories, some of the best times of my life actually.  
I'm so excited that my niece is going to start here next month.  She really has no idea what is in store for her.  She's going to have so much fun! The middle building below was my dorm my first year.  Kelli's is just next door.  South campus baby!
OSU's campus was huge when I went there,  a mini city even.  I lived on my  rollerblades.  I would litter ally roll into my classes.  It has changed so much since I went there.  So many new buildings and High Street has gotten a total face lift.  Long gone are the bars where I faithfully partied.  But low and behold somethings are still exactly the same.  
Mirror Lake, beautiful serenity in the summer months.  When its cold though and we are about to beat Michigan, hundreds of screaming kids jump into this lake at night after a parade through campus.  Ayyy, school spirit! 
We also drove by our old apartments too.  Here is the first place I ever lived on "my own" The townhouse at 9 E. Norwich.  I loved that place.  Oh, the stories this place could tell you.  We had a disco ball in our living room.  Yep. Good times.
I would love to hear if you have a memory of this apartment, please add it in the comments below.  I want to keep going down  memory lane.  I do miss you Columbus Ohio.  

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