Saturday, March 01, 2008

Oysters and Beer!!

Fontaines is one of the first restaurants that we ate when we first moved here 8 years ago...
Bill and Barbie helped us with the moving truck from Ohio and I remember we were just walking in Virginia Highlands and thought it looked cool....and it is, besides always having a good crowd (ie: people watching), we like to go here for oysters and beer. They serve three kinds of oysters and tons of beer on tap. I love to load up the oyster on a saltine with as much horseradish as I can stand, then squeeze lemon on top. We ate 2 dozen oysters and a pound of peel and eat shrimp standing right there at the oyster bar. Notice my new bling-bling!

Ernesto and I went right after work and then Smita came to meet us. (she brought us season 2 of LOST, which we promptly went home and watched. yes, I know....its becoming a problem)
I guess this got Ernesto on a seafood kick for this weekend because he came home from the farmers market today and whipped up this seafood & crab boil. OH MY GOD - IT WAS SO GOOD.....AND HOT AS HELL!!
We sat outside and pigged out enjoying the weather, it was 70 degrees today. Spring is almost here! I love the short Atlanta winters.
My friend Mendy came over for some blogging and I worked on some new jewelry ideas too. Great food, friends, creativity, and relaxing with LOST...a darn good weekend. The only thing missing was a good run in the park....but I took the week off after skiing. Rest is good.

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