Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spice Market

I read the review for this new restaurant in my Daily Candy (btw, you must sign up for this newsletter. It will give you the latest and greatest in regards to food, fashion, lifestyle, arts & culture in a daily email-it's awesome!)
Spice Market is the latest addition to Jean-Georges line of restaurants. He is a world renowned chef and has almost 20 restaurants around the world. Finally one in Atlanta. The idea for Spice Market is that he has designed all his dishes from his favorite street foods in Asia. Of course as soon as I read that on Daily Candy I forwarded it to my fellow foodies, Neto, Smita and Frankster. They all responded LET'S GO and since it was the opening night, I called to reserve a table. First impressions are everything, and if you have ever walked into a W hotel, you know that the first impression is never an issue. It is always the place to be-HOT HOT HOT! The restaurant had a great atmosphere, and our server Kristen, was so knowledgable and fun. The red plates were a great touch (shaped like big leaves) ...as a matter of fact the whole restaurant was filled with little touches. This is what really makes you feel like you are getting your $$$ worth. Its not just spectacular food, but the whole package. We knew we would order several things and share, that is really what we always do....and with a menu like this it is a must so we can taste as many things as possible. We ordered drinks-they are known for their signature cocktails (just like Delta:) Frank and Smita tried the ginger margarita-it was so refreshing! Neto ordered his new favorite, a dirty martini, and me, (my always favorite) a Malbec red wine....shoot I didnt write down the name....I'll have to look it up online, it was one of the best I have tried! We ordered 4 appetizers, and as the food started coming out and I had to take pictures (blog-ass) it was so pretty!
This is the Ginger Friend Rice.....with an egg on top. Tuna Sashimi- one of my favorites....if it is on the menu- I order it! It was on a bed of avacado!
Pork Vindaloo-Incredible Indian, spicy as HELL!
The Shanghai Noodles were tasty. I really did have this off the street when I went to Shanghai-
We ordered 3 entrees to share and LUCKILY there was a slight mix up and the Salt & Pepper Catfish didnt come out. We were so glad, because at that point we were stuffed. They kept apologizing and we kept saying.....no, really, its ok. To make up for the inconvenience (that wasn't at all) they sent out 4 desserts, compliments of the chef. Our plan was to have one more drink down at the bar, but the desserts put us over the edge.
As we were leaving we strolled throught the crowded bar. Frank took this shot of us in front of the patio (filled with white chairs tables and umbrellas) This is a garenteed hot spot any night of the week.....less than one mile from my house...... and THIS... is why Im a city girl!

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