Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Surprise Visitor

It must have been fate that I didnt travel this weekend because Friday afternoon I got a call from Peggy. She is a friend of my parents from Ohio. They were all down in Florida together being "snowbirds" and getting tanned. Peggy was flying home (on Delta-thanks Peggy) and connecting through Atlanta to get home, but of course with Ohio getting pounded with snow. All the flights to Ohio were cancelled and she was stranded in the Atlanta airport. So after work I went to the airport to pick her up and took her to my place.For dinner we headed to Taqueria del Sol and Smita met us there. Delta rebooked Peggy on a flight Saturday night, but when we turned on CNN that morning we knew she wasn't going anywhere. Something like 13 inches n the ground and expecting 10 more....Ahhh Ohio winters! Another day in Atlanta... I had to work for a few hours on Saturday so Peggy relaxed at our place and later we stopped over at Smitas house then walked tot he bookstore. We drank tea and girl talked for a couple hours, it was great! I had bought a new Indian cookbook a few days before and was really craving something delish.....that night Peggy had her first Indian meal. We put her to work cutting the chicken. She said she liked it.....did you really Peggy?
What is an evening these days without watching a little Losty-Lost?? Luckily Peggy is a fan and we didn't have to bore her with our addiction, so we all curled up in the bed and watched a couple episodes. (we are already on season 3, by the way)
We checked the morning flights to Canton and they were going finally. On the way to the airport that afternoon, Peggy said "you know, Im really kind of glad this happened"
I am too, we had a lot of fun. I always love making a new friend.

Of course the next day we had more Ohio visitors. My parents were drinving back home from Florida, so of course we had to go to the taco place again, cuz that is my Dad's favorite. I didn't mind though, I can eat tacos any day!

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