Friday, February 29, 2008

Obsessed with LOST

I haven't been a regular viewer of any TV shows since Friends and Sienfeld. I guess I never can plan my evenings to TV (and I don't have TIVO), plus Id rather NOT be addicted.....I hate if my night includes nothing but sitting on the couch watching TV. Once in a while is ok, but not every night. Well, we started watching LOST almost 2 weeks ago, and now WE CAN'T STOP! I did the same thing with Sex in the City. We are totally addicted. It is such a great show, surprises and excitement on every episode. We even watched the season ONE finale this morning instead of the gym. Now that is obsessed, right? It was almost 6am and I hear Ernesto playing it in the bedroom, so of course I had to go in and sit down. I got ready for work in 15 minutes. (my hair was wet when I got to work) I know what we will be doing this weekend.

Here are my 3 favorite characters:Sawyer, Jack and Lock...

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