Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vail Colorado

Why the hell did I wait so long to go skiing again? It makes me feel old to say this, but I had not been skiing for 10 years. It was at Zermot in Switzerland when Brrrian and I went on our backpacking trip through Europe. It has not really been a top trip on my list, so I am happy that Ernestos Friend Jason organized this trip to Vail. I have been to Colorado a couple times before. My brother Tim used to live there, and we even went skied Breckenridge together....but I guess I just forgot how absolutely beautiful it is in the mountains. Ernesto and I flew into Denver Thursday night and then drove the 2 hours (in the snow) to the house we all rented in Vail. It had enough beds for all 10 of us, and even had a Jacuzzi outside. Not until the morning were we really able to see all the snow covering the house. It was so beautiful. I always say that I hate the cold and snow...but it just isnt so. I think I love a "winter wonderland" ....just not living in it for 4 months straight.We were feeling fresh and excited to get started the next morning even though we didnt get much sleep. All of us were at the ski rental place by 830am. It really wasnt a bad deal...all our equiptment for 2 days was only $50.....too bad the lift tickets were not as good of a deal. $92 a day....OUCH! This is not a cheap hobby, thats for sure. It was so worth it though....Here is Ricardo, Ernesto, Alvaro, Me and Jason before heading up the slopes for the first time. Once at the top it was was 13,ooo feet high. It took a while to get down the mountain....for me anyway. Ernesto would stop and wait for me.....a couple of times he couldn't make it down to the bathroom quick enough. Look at this view! This is one of my fav pics.Once you are almost down you get a great view of the center of Vail. There are all sorts of shops and restaurants where everyone is in their snow gear hanging out. I rented skiis and Ernesto was on a snowboard. I must say that I was very impressed with his skills, he was so good. He used to go quite a bit when he lived in San Diego, but this was our first trip together.Even though I hadn't gone in a long time, I didn't feel scared, I think it was kind of like riding a bike... you never forget. In past times that I skied, I would get a lot better by the end of the day, and then not go again for a few years. This time I vow to keep it going.Look at that form...yeah right!! Alvaro was giving me some tips, he is damn good...I need to practice keeping my upper body facing foward and just turning from the waist down. Luckily there are no pics of my wipe-outs....I did had a few good ones. On the last run of the first day, I fell and banged my knee. We went home, hopped in the jacuzzi for a couple hours and I never felt a thing.....until the morning. I actually thought I wasn't going to be able to ski. I was going to take Jorges laptop and sit at the Starbucks all day. Still a fun day for a Blogg-ass like myself.....but then i thought....HELLS NO!! I cant do that! I am in Vail, just suck it up! So I bought a knee brace, and had a blast. (even though I wasn't as daring as the first day...I was so scared I was going to fall on my knee the wrong way and BREAK IT!)
That day the weather was so much colder. It was snowing hard....pretty? yes.....Great powdery snow for skiing? YES......Comfortable? NO
I was only wearing big sunglasses, which for the first day was was sunny and not snowing. But the next day when it was snowing, we went down one time and we had to go into a ski shop and buy face masks. The snow felt like needles on your face. I had to buy goggles too, the sunglasses were totally fogged up and wet, I couldn't see shit! $120 later....we were ready!!At the end of the day my legs were like Jello. I love that though, what a great workout!
We sat outside and had coffee afterwards, and Smita called me to say she just went to our place to feed Rare. She missed me and wanted to cuddle.

Flights were ok on the way home, even though we had to split up. I went on the 1pm got home and went to Blockbuster... Neto landed 2 hours later and we relaxed in bed the rest of the night watching 4 episodes of LOST....we are so addicted now.

PS. The Denver airport is cool as hell!!

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