Monday, February 11, 2008

Good Times with Family!

Although it was not enough time, we had a lot of fun when Brrrian and Schhhirner come to visit over the weekend. I think it will become a regular thing that we take our visitors on a walk to Virginia Highlands. It is just a beautiful neighborhood! It was such awesome weather too.We ate lunch and had a few drinks at Neighbors......Jen& Brrrian are two peas in a pod.....cigar games..look! no hands! Saturday night Jen and I wanted to work on Jewelry. That was actually the reason Jen was coming-Brian was supposed to go camping, but at the last minute decided he can't miss out on the chance to see his sisI was so excited to get started after my shopping spree in Tucson and Jen already had a couple ideas in the works. The guys went to the farmers market than made us a delicious of Ernesto's specialties...Seafood Stew. That is a squid Neto has there. He also used octopus, shrimp & calamari
Oh yes, and fish too.
Nester tempted Rare with the fish head.

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