Saturday, December 22, 2007

It Finally Feels like Christmas.....

Thank God our friends had a Christmas party the other night. I love to enjoy the holiday season, but we didn't even get a christmas tree this year. Ernesto was busy hanging lights and I was traveling, then we went to Cancun and now it's a few days before the big day......... If had been more organized, I would have loved to send out christmas cards to family and friends....e-cards are ok, right?Floyd and Richard have a FABULOUS christmas party every year, and we dont miss it. They had it catered with delicious food and 2 bartenders mixing anything you can think of. The house is totally decked out inside and out..... Ernesto has been doing their lights the last few years. It looks great doesn't it? Food and Friends and Family....let the festivities begin!


  1. you really seem to blog an awful lot. You should think about logging off and spending some quality time w/ your family

  2. I was curious, what did you do on Christmas Day? Is there a post in the offing? When will it be posted?


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